Training Packages

Do you need help with puppyhood?

Check out our training packages below.

Desired puppy (dependent on pick order) plus extra training!

*Deposit to hold training spot is $500. Puppy plus training fee balance must be paid in full at 8 weeks.

I have limited availability per litter for extra training. (See below for availability)


8-12 weeks of age +$1100

*Room & Board, food

*Crate training

*Potty training

*Walking on a leash


*Coming when called

*Car rides

*Final deworming (@10 & 12wks)

*Booster vaccination (@11wks)

*Exposed to stimulants

      *Vacuum, TV, music, kids, 

        other dogs, cats, 

        poultry, cars...

*REMEMBER* These are still puppies and will still act like puppies. They will have accidents and make mistakes!


No availability at this time.


12-16 weeks of age +$2200 (includes 8-12wk fee)

*Everything from previous training is continued

*Work on "stay", "shake", and "drop it"

*Final booster vaccination (@14wks)

*Rabies and vet check (@16wks)

*Introduced to social situations with unknown people 

*Wire crate


We have also partnered with BAXTER & Bella! They offer a large variety of online training for you and your puppy! No need to crate up your puppy and travel anywhere! You can grab 25% off the lifetime membership with my code: STR25

You can start at any training stage but it is best to start before you bring your puppy home! Learn more by clicking on their logo!

Available Trained Puppies/Adults
UTD on dewormings & vaccinations
Crate trained and introduced to a leash
Click on each picture to learn more about each one

Frosty-male $2000
F1 Aussiedoodle
DOB 10/17/21


Bruiser-male $2500
F1 Aussiedoodle
DOB 10/13/21

Penelope-female $2500
F1B Aussiedoodle
DOB 12/28/21


Blue is ready for retirement! She is for a PET ONLY situation.
DOB 12/16/15 UTD on vaccinations & dewormings
$800 without being spayed (new family will be required to have this done)
$1300 with spay
Please contact us if interested in learning more about Blue!


Rocky DOB 7/21/20

Rocky is a parti sable AKC standard poodle. He has passed genetic testing through Embark. He makes beautiful puppies he is just a bit bigger than we were wanting in our program. He is about 55lb. He carries the typical two furnishing genes but ALSO two low shedding genes (most poodles carry high shedding genes!). He comes with his registration of full rights for $3500. He is a great addition to any breeding program and ready to get the job done! He is available without his papers for $2000. He loves kids, puppies, and other dogs (except male dogs). Please contact us for more information!

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